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Adams Parachute Anna K Another Hairy Leg Sowbug Winged Beetle Big Hurt (Maggot)
Blue Back Woolly Blue Gill Killer (Captain) Bully Bluegill Spider Blue Gill Clouser Blue Wing Olive Nymph
CDC Beetle Born's Sow Bug Chernobyl Ant Chironomid Pupa Chocolate Covered Cherry
Christmas Tree Chubby Chernobyl Cicada Pseudo Hair Clouser Copper John
Rubber Leg Copper John Copper and Hare Craig's Clouser Craig's Scud C R Gold (Current River)
Don's Cray Fish Dorsey's Flashback Midge Dry Woolly Series Elk Hair Caddis Evie's Blue Gill
Experienced Caddis Pupa Experienced Caddis Pupa Revisited Rubber Legs Fox Squirrel Gar Fly Frenchie
Ginny Midge Golden Ribbed Hair's Ear Green Butt Soft Hackle Green Hornet Griffith Gnat
Griffith's Gnat Emerger Hackle Stacker Hair Ear Soft Hackle High Water Midge John Deere
Mohair Leech Blonde Leech Macgruber Mini Hopper Micro Midge (Winter Midge)
Mini-Leech Mop Fly Mop and Glow North Fork Special October Caddis Wet
Partridge and Orange Pat's Rubber Leg Poison Tongue Midge Pee Wee Midge Pumpkin Head Midge
Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Stimulator Tungsten Pheasant Tail Jig Prince Nymph Renegade
Root Beer Emerger Ruby Midge San Juan Worm Jr Weighted San Juan Worm The Bug
SOS (Save our Skin) Sow Bug Turkey Tail Emerger Two Bit Hooker UV Scud
WD 40 White Tail Midge Wooten Buzzer Y2K Zebra Midge

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