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Olsen's Biot Back Stonefly

Olsen's Biot Back Stonefly
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A great stonefly pattern to fish small streams when tied in a size 12 or 14.

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Hook:Hanak 230 or other nymph hook sizes 8-14.
Thread:Camel 8/0.
Body:Dubbing - Ginger Hares Ear or color to match local stonefly.
Weight:Copper Tungsten bead sized to hook and 2/3 shank wrapped with .015 - .025 lead wire.
Tail and shellback:Brown Goose Biots.
Antennae:Brown Goose Biot Tip from Thorax.
Legs:Brown Hareline life-flex or similiar.
Ribbing:Brown or Golden Stone medium D-rib Stretched.
Thorax:Brown Goose Biots

Fishing Hints:
Fish the stonefly under an indicator on the bottom or near the bottom.

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Tying Instruction

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