Landon Mayers Mini-Leech
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The Mini-Leech is a great pattern when fishing a small leech pattern. It has a lot of movement in the water and can be tied with or without a bead. Probably best tied on a size 16 hook, but can be tied on other sizes. This pattern can be tied in a variety of colors to include olive, rusty-brown, black, purple, gray or others. Fish usually hit this pattern with a hard strike so a little heaver leader is often used.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 125 or Tiemco 2488 Size 16
Thread:Color of pine squirrel 8/0 or smaller
Weight:Tungsten bead to hook size (optional).
Body:Pine Squirrel strip.
Tag:Krystal Flash color of the pine squirrel.
Collar:Ostrich Herl color of the pine squirrel.

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