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26 Inch Brown Karen Dodson
Author of "Set: A Love Story"
visits Hargrove's

Join us on Friday, April 24th from 5-7 PM as our customer Karen Dodson signs copies of her newly released book entitled "Set: A Love Story" which is on Amazon with 5-star reviews! "Set" tells the story of Kate, a young journalist at the Chicago Tribune, who travels to Patagonia, Argentina to fly-fish and falls in love with her Argentine fishing guide. There are great descriptions of fly-fishing, Buenos Aires and Patagonia in the story, and the book's cover includes art by famous Argentina artist Georg Miciu. This book has been a hit with men as well as women! Karen and her husband Dr. Ed Dodson are longtime T. Hargrove customers and travel often to Patagonia to fly-fish. At the book signing, Karen will share stories about their adventures as well as her book!

This event will include Argentina-style refreshments as well as the book, which will be offered at a 40% discount over the Amazon paperback price of $17.95.

Craig talks fly fishing with the Riverfront Times

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Job Is Passion for Fly Fishing Hargrove -
Brentwood Spirit


There are no rivers in Brentwood, no trout streams, not even a lake nearby. And yet our town is home to the only two stores in the St. Louis area that are solely dedicated to fly-fishing. Both businesses have been around for decades and are located less than a mile apart on Manchester Road. But that’s where the similarities stop........More


T. Hargrove
Fly Fishing, Inc.

In a town gone crazy with baseball there are a few people in St. Louis that regard the Cardinals as mere amusement, and something to occupy their time while driving to some of the most under-rated fly fishing streams in the lower 48 states. Many of those drives start at T. Hargrove Fly Fishing Inc., tucked off Interstate 44 along the commercial sprawl of Manchester Road. A quick drive gets you to the interstate artery that leads to all directions from St. Louis. Hargrove's is the last stop for a fishing license and supplies prior to the road trip.

In a long forgotten depression era house, converted into a fly shop over 24 years ago, Tom Hargrove holds court among the regulars, the "just-in town and need a fly fishing fix," or the caring spouses picking up a gift card, because everything with a price tag on it is alien to them.

Hargrove's is the epitome of the bar "Cheers". The regulars are there waiting at the door before they open, and often close the shop down at night. All are willing to help a stranger get an advantage on the fish.

Open the door and there is an old church pew, a tying table that has never been cleared, and a wood burning stove with simmering beans, chili, or a hearty soup. Welcome! Come in and have a bowl. All of the senses are filled here, the walls are covered with product and if not, with product posters - as well as the ceilings. While you settle into your bowl of chili, Tom's electic vinyl record collection spins on the turntable: tunes such as Electricity by Captain Beefheart, or some Exotica music from Les Baxter.

It is fly fishing! Relax. Sit down at the tying table and take a vise for a test drive.

There is no hurry here. Check out the latest rods, reels, or a pair of waders. Grab a rod and cast alongside the cars traveling up and down the busy Manchester Road. You will get some looks, but you also need to know how the rod cast in a breeze. If you don't see what you are looking for, Hargrove probably has it stashed somewhere in the basement. The basement is a whole other story.....

Tom and Craig Stephens who works in the shop, tie, fish, and build rods. If you can cast a fly to a fish in Missouri, these two can point you to a creek, river, or lake to try and a fly that will catch the fish, whether it is a Trout, Bass, Carp, Catfish or Alligator Garr. Sure you can buy tippet at the label fly shops or chain stores, but to glean a tidbit of info about a stream with some wild trout, or where to wade for smallies, take some time and a bowl of chili at Hargrove's

You will find all the same brands in fly tackle, fly tying materials, clothing, and even some custom hand-tied flies, if you need them.

The article was written for the magazine Drake On Line by Tim Scott. Tim is a former resident of Imperial MO. and a graduate of Mizzou. He lives in South Bend Indiana; just two blocks off the St. Joseph River, and spends his time writing, photographing and fishing Northern Indiana and Michigan. He has photo and writing credits in the Drake Magazine and Catch Magazine. Currently, he is president of St. Joseph River Valley Fly Fishers (FFF).

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